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Chianti Restaurant
Dear Guest,
Welcome to the Locanda MammaRosa!

Salvatore, Bruno and Sandro,
together with all the staff
are happy to accompany you on this culinary journey
helping you to choose from our menu
"made with high quality" materials and the territory.
Meat, fish or vegetables, a balanced collection of simple and genuine flavors, all prepared with passion and commitment.

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Group dinners

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A taste of our menu

Deep fried "Coccoli" and seasoned farmers ham
The famous "Bavette della Locanda"
Deep fried seasonal vegetables
and much more ....

Our chef Salvatore awaits you with his creations of mediterranean and tuscan specialities
The Locanda
Mamma Rosa La Locanda
Sul sito di Mamma Rosa La Locanda, segui tutti gli eventi del nostro ristorante
Special Dinner a la Carte Valentine's Day


Grilled eggplant millefeuille with  mozzarella cheese,bresaola and arugula salad     € 11.00

Warm cuttle-fish "carpaccio" on a bed of sauted geen beet and crispy bacon           € 10.00

Mix vegetables and cheese in a puff-pastry bundle                                                   € 9.00

Tuscan ham with cheese and "coccoli"                                                                      € 9.00



Riced Barley with artichokes and prawns                                                                 € 11.00

Buckwheat Fettuccini wit sausages sauce on a creamy broccoli                             € 11.00

Mozzarella cheese and sundried tomato Ravioli with green turnips and anchovies sauce

                                                                                                                                 € 12.00  

fresh made spaghetti with sauted pork-cheek and onions , served with seasoned
pecorino cheese                                                                                                      € 11.00

Main Courses

Oven Baked Sea-bass with mediterranean flavours in alluminium foil                   € 22.00                                                         

Baked pork fillet ,served with green apple and prunes sauce                                € 20.00

Salt crusted King Prawns                                                                                       € 24.00

Sauted beef Tenderloin to the 4 pepper  sauce                                                     € 22.00

From the charcoal Grill

T-bone florentine steak                                                                                         € 4.20hg

Mix grill meat ( sausages,lamb chop,pork ribs)                                                    € 16.00

Young spring chicken                                                                                           € 14.00

Beef Fillet                                                                                                             € 18.00

A Side Dish

Roasted Potatoes                                                                                               € 4 00

Deep fried vegetables                                                                                        € 7.00

Mix salad                                                                                                            € 4.00

White beans in extra virgin olive oil                                                                   € 4.00


Chocolate and hazelnuts mousse Bacio                                                          € 6.00

White chocolate souffle                                                                                    € 6.00

Puff-pastry mascarpone cheese and raspberries                                            € 6.00

Creme Brule' with carameilized licorice                                                           € 6.00







End of Summer dinner Party
Dinner Menu' with Live music and dance
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Mamma Rosa La Locanda

Via Cassia Per Siena, 32
50026 San Casciano in Val di Pesa
Chianti - Florence – Tuscany - Italy
Phone: 055 8249193
VAT 06537320480

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Chianti Restaurant

Chianti Restaurant

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